Velins' Testimonial

Teamwork in a diverse team of experts – Application of EiT in the real world

This summer GLOBUS, the student organization for the students taking MSc in Global Manufacturing Management (GMM), and Skogmo Industripark AS had the pleasure to collaborate with each other on multiple projects. The team of engineers obtaining different nationalities, personalities and backgrounds had the task to tackle projects such as Production Scheduling, Business Relationship Management, KPI for Construction Company and the Customer Journey.

In the beginning phase of the projects, my team assessed the available skills and their most efficient utilization. In order to gain the best results, the team decided to have a project owner for each of the projects.

As the work progressed, drawing inspiration from exercises experienced in the course, the team elaborated and argued the projects and their possible solutions to each other. That internal discussion contributed greatly to the project owner's progression on the task.

As the president of GLOBUS and the group leader, my task was to fully utilize what EIT taught me. To support and develop my group, holistically assess the challenges and facilitate problem resolution. The confrontation was there, but the knowledge that it is simply a way to achieve even tighter internal synergy made it easier to resolve. The fact that all my group members had completed the EiT course made the collaboration easier. We all had the theory of how effective groups should function in the back of our heads and knew the vitality of the group consensus.

Leading by example in an unambiguous and honest manner, just like implied by the exercises in the course, was highly beneficial. Based on the experience from EiT my team strived at creating effective communication and a friendly/judgment-free atmosphere. I strongly implied that the success of the entire group was in the hands of each of its members and that the reward from the excellence in our work would be the creation of better opportunities for the future GMM students and reduction of the gap between the industry and academia.


"Our success story was realized only through synergy of our experience, backgrounds, cultures and shared goas."

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